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¡ԡԻ London
Parc de Thoiry
Le parc des Félins
Fête Nationale du 14 Juillet
Everday i love you....
Gymboree see u on September ....
仪ͻѹѺ + Diet plan.....
Take a bow...

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ѹͧҡҡ͹Դҡͺ ͺ ǡѺԴ֧ҹҡ¤Ѻ
ǧͧŻһҷ ѹͧ
ҹһҡѺͧ觤¡ѹͧͧ (ҨѺ)
˹آ͹ҹҨԧФѺ  觡Ѻ ѹԴ֧ҹ е͹س
ʺҡФѺ §ͧԴ֧سҡŤس
͹ Ѵҧҹͧ ͹ԴҡäԴ֧ҹ ѺԵ
ͧ  ѡ˹ һ س س·شѺ
I promise that I'll always love you
And I'll never break your heart

I promise that no matter what anyone says
we'll never be apart

I promise that I'll always look deep into your eyes
And to always love you even after each one of us dies

I promise to whisper sweet nothings and sneak a little kiss
And whenever I'm alone I promise you're the one I miss

I promise to hold you close 
when your body's filled with pain

I promise nothing will ever stop me from getting to you
not the clouds, the sky, or rain

I promise to love you equally each and every day
I promise I mean each and everything I say

I promise the rest of my life belongs to you
I'll never cheat I promise to stay loyal and true

I promise to be a good listener to everything you say
Promising to keep you close to me never pushing you away

I promise my entire existance to you
I hope you know everything I say to you is true

                      I PROMISE we r a warm family.




Wall In Your Heart - Shelby Lynne


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Posted on Thu 17 Jul 2008 17:13

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie






˹آ͹ҹҤ ṹԴŵͧѺͧ͹ §ҵ͹˹ҷҷʹ ǾͶ֧ҨѺѺѡͧ¤ ҤԴҡФ ҵҹФ
Sun 20 Jul 2008 10:20 [2]

ѡش¤ Դ͹ѹ ҹԧ ͧ
Fri 18 Jul 2008 14:35 [1]









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